Laser Cutting

The latest in laser cutting technology

InovaWorks utilises the latest Amada Ventis 3015AJ fiber laser cutter, capable of cutting parts up to 25mm thick in mild steel and 20mm in Stainless Steel and Aluminum. This high-performance machine offers high cutting speeds and precise, burr-free cuts, even for tight tolerances and intricate patterns. The VENTIS utilises Locus Beam Control (LBC) to ensure ultimate laser beam coordination at speeds up to 3 times faster than a conventional laser.

Full-spectrum capability

Having both laser cutting and CNC punching available, we have the advantage of being able to offer you the most economical way to cut your parts. If your parts are 2mm or less in thickness and have a large number of holes or perforations, CNC punching can be faster and lower cost.

We also offer value added services, including powder coating, fastener insertion, metal forming & bending.

See it in action

One-stop shop for manufacturing and metal fabrication

Laser cutting is just one of the services we offer at InovaWorks. Our expertise extends across the full spectrum of manufacturing— from press brake, CNC bending, forming, metal stamping to powder coating, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly.

We understand the complete manufacturing process, so we can ensure your laser cutting project meets the requirements for every stage. Save time and money by using InovaWorks as an end-to-end provider for larger projects beyond simple laser metal cutting.

Laser cutting for Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast

For custom laser cutting in Sydney, Newcastle, and the Central Coast, we offer the convenience of both pick up and delivery. For metal laser cutting outside of these areas, we can offer delivery and will provide you with a quote upon request.

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