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Press brake, CNC bending, and metal bending and forming

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial metal fabrication and manufacturing, we offer extensive expertise and unmatched capability for projects of all sizes. We cater to all metal bending and forming requirements, including press brake and CNC bending.

Precision machinery

We selected our high-performance machines because of their advanced precision and capability.

The HG Press Brake Series offers exceptional bending accuracy and consistency, even on complex bends. Suitable for a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and various alloys, it can also accommodate different materials thicknesses and bending radii. Other features include a high pressing force to bend thick and heavy-duty materials, and different tooling options to achieve various bending profiles and shapes.

The Amada SDE Series Direct Drive Servo Press offers exceptional accuracy, responsiveness, and control over the stamping and forming process. Suitable for high-volume production, the machine can consistently maintain product quality even with tight tolerances. With flexible stroke control and efficient processing, this state-of-the-art machine enhances our productivity and operational efficiency.

See it in action

For all your manufacturing and metal fabrication needs

Our services extend beyond press brake, CNC bending, and metal bending and forming, to encompass the complete spectrum of sheet metal fabrication. This includes powder coating and assembly. 

With our comprehensive expertise across the entire manufacturing process, we can offer an end-to-end service for projects of all sizes. We have the capability to cater to high volumes and projects at scale. 

Whatever the size of your project, save time and money and achieve an outstanding result, every time.

Metal bending for Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast

Located in the Central Coast, our press brake, CNC bending and metal bending and forming services span from Sydney to Newcastle. Choose from convenient local pick up or delivery options to suit your needs. For services beyond these areas, contact us to discuss the best options for delivery.

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